Since our kids were born, we’re always chasing new adventures

We are Judith & Klaus with our children Anni (4) & Joscha (7). When our son was born 6 years ago, our live here in Cape Town has been turned around completely and priorities have changed dramatically. While bars, beach clubs and fancy restaurants have never been an issue before, we now needed (and wanted) to go to places that were suitable and fun for him, too. The search for child friendly restaurants, playgrounds and activities for kids was our regular mantra and to our surprise we found it incredibly hard to find reliable sources that provided you with all the information that you needed.

Was there a play area for toddlers? Is the playground shaded? Can you change a nappy in the privacy of a bathroom? Can the kids play close to where you’re seated or is the play area miles away? So many new questions where we couldn’t find an answer to. So we only found out by visiting the different places ourselves and learning the hard way. But seriously, Cape Town is one of the most kid friendly places we know and almost everywhere you go, you’ll find some kind of entertainment for the entire family. But we realised that the information available online is super limited, and we simply want to change that.

Our mission: we want to create a website that inspires you to explore new places with your kids without the negative surprises. We’ll give you as many relevant information about each and every single place as possible so that you can make up your mind BEFOREHAND if it’s worth your and your family’s while. All the places you’ll find on here have been visited by us personally – as a family with two small kids aged 3 and 6. We’ll share our personal experience with you and encourage you to also review those places from your perspective once you’ve visited them to make the choice for the next family even easier.

Enjoy the journey with us and find some new gems in Cape Town that you haven’t seen before!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

You can recommend kid friendly places that are not on here yet OR you work at a venue that MUST be listed here and you couldn’t find it? Let us know either way! We’d love to come visit the place and give it some space on our website!

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