Birthday Party Games for Kids – Ideas for 3 to 7 year olds

What would be a kiddies birthday party without some fun games for the little guests? But coming up with some age-appropriate and entertaining party game ideas can be challenging sometimes. But don’t worry – we are here to help! Find below instructions for some cool and amazing party games from our own childhood and some that are trending today. All of them are 100% free and you won’t need much to get them started. We hope your Child of Honour will enjoy them!

1. Hitting the Pot (3 years +)

This is probably one of the most famous games ever! One child (who is the main player) gets blindfolded. Then the other kids turn him or her around so that the kid loses its orientation. In the meantime, a pot is hidden anywhere in the room and some sweet treats are hidden underneath it. The blindfolded child is now given a wooden spoon with which it must try to find the pot in the room while crawling and smacking the spoon in front him. The other children give directions by shouting “warm” or “cold”. Once the child has found the pot, the blindfold can be removed and the kid can keep all the candy under the pot as a reward.

2. Cotton Blowing (4 years +)

Two children face each other at a table. There is a piece of cotton in the middle of the table. With a straw or a tube, the children now try to blow the piece of cotton to the opposite side so that it falls down there. The hands must not be used and the body should not be bent if possible. If you don’t pay attention to this, you lose. The children’s birthday game is played in three rounds. The winner gets to choose a candy.

3. Flour Dipping (5 years +)

It’s a bit of a mess and there are sweets to be won: Flour dipping is a real classic children’s birthday party game. Each child receives a deep plate/bowl with flour. The game master hides some sweets, for example gummy bears, chocolate eggs and so on in the flour. The smaller the candy, the harder it is to find. The children fold their arms behind their backs and the leader gives the start signal. Now the children only have to “dip” their mouths for the sweets. Whoever finds all the hidden objects first, wins. Of course, the sweets can be eaten afterwards.

4. Trip to Jerusalem (6 years +)

The trip to Jerusalem is always suitable as a game for children’s birthday parties – or as a carnival game. Two rows of chairs are set up with their backs facing each other. Make sure to set up one chair less than the number of children. So if you have 10 party guests, only set up 9 chairs. Then, a game master turns on the music and the children run around in circles along the rows of chairs. When the music stops, each child has to find a seat. The child who does not get a seat is eliminated. Now another chair is taken out. This is how you continue until the end of the game. The child who gets the last chair in the last round is the winner.

5. Mixing the Shoes (4 years +)

This is really a super easy game to play. All children take off their right shoe and throw it in the middle. Then the shoes are thoroughly mixed though by the game master. Every child has to find their shoe and put it on when they are given a start signal. The last child to put on the shoe has lost.

6. Chocolate Eating Contest (5 years +)

I still remember this as my favourite birthday party game: You need a dice, hat, scarf, gloves, cutlery and a bar of chocolate that is well wrapped in aluminum foil, newspaper and/or string. The children roll the dice in turn and whoever rolls a six must put on the hat, scarf and gloves and try unwrap the chocolate with a knife and fork. The other kids keep rolling the dice until another child rolls a six. In that case, the child wearing the hat, gloves and scarf must take everything off and pass it on to the child who just rolled a six. The other keeps keep on rolling the days, and so on. The birthday game ends when the entire chocolate is eaten.

7. Crushing Balloons (4 years +)

This children’s game might become a little bit noisy. Each child gets a balloon tied to their leg with a thread. Now the children have to try to break each other’s balloons without breaking their own balloon.

8. Sack Hopping (3 years +)

Each child grabs a sack, climbs into it and then the hopping begins! Whoever gets to the finish line first, wins. It doesn’t really matter what kind of sacks you use for the children’s game as long as their feet fit it nicely.

9. Egg Run (5 years +)

Every child knows this game! It almost needs no preparation and material and it’s maximum fun for the little ones. The rules are very simple: each child gets a hard-boiled egg on a spoon and has to race the other children without dropping the egg. Whoever gets to the finish line first, is the winner of the game!

10. Balloon Dance (3 years +)

In this children’s birthday party game, two children squeeze a balloon between them (against each other) and dance to the music. Whichever team loses the balloon during the dance, is eliminated. The last couple with the balloon between them, wins the game.

11. The Mummy Game (6 years +)

In this children’s party game, the children form two or more groups. Each group should consist of three to five children. Then, each group chooses one person from the group to be the mummy. This kid should try to stand still while the other kids in his group wrap him in toilet paper – from head to toe, so that he ends up looking like a mummy. Whatever group manages to turn the child in the middle into a mummy the fastest, gets the reward.

12. Silent Post (6 years +)

In this game, all the birthday party guests sit together in a circle. The birthday child thinks of a sentence and whispers it in the ear of the child on his right. The phrase may only be whispered once. The child to whom the phrase was whispered to must pass on whatever he understood into the ear of the child sitting to his right. In this way, the children pass on the silent mail until the last child (the child to the left of the birthday child) has received the message. This child now says out loud what he understood. Often there is something to laugh about, because the sentence sounds completely different at the end. The birthday child then reveals which sentence it originally sent via Silent Post.

13. Catching the Apple (7 years +)

Fill some tubs with water and cut an apple into quarters. Place a piece of apple in each tub. Then a child kneels in front of a tub and bends over it. Children are not allowed to use their hands. At your command, the children must try to catch the piece of apple lying in their tub with their mouths. The fastest kid wins.

14. Catch the King/Queen (4 years +)

In this children’s birthday game, one child is King or Queen at the beginning. Either make a crown in advance or put a funny hat on the child. The King or Queen now determines how the other children are allowed to move, for example “gallop like a horse” or “sneak like a cat” – there are no limits to the imagination in this game. The other children must now try to catch the King/Queen by moving in the “commanded” way. The winner gets to play the King or Queen next and must come up with another fun way of catching the Master.

15. Treasure Hunt (3 years +)

You can create your own little treasure hunt around your house, the garden or the park where the party is hosted. Think in advance of places where you can hide some clues for the next station and then hand out a treasure map to the party guests or guide them along the way by asking questions or letting them solve some riddles. There are no limits to your imagination. At the end of the treasure hunt, the kids can maybe dig out a box with sweets or other little treats in it as a reward for their successful treasure hunt.

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