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Clifton features 4 well-known and famous beaches that all cater to different interests and needs. But they’ve got one thing in common: each and every single one of them is absolutely beautiful and breath-taking. All of them are accessed via quite a few staircases, so rather pack lightly because you have to carry all your stuff back up again!

In the popular summer months, the parking can also become a small nightmare as locals and tourists alike are trying to secure a spot as early as possible and hence the streets and parking spots are crammed with joyful beachgoers. So whenever you can, it’s advisable to use an Uber or Taxi to get there as you can directly walk down to your preferred beach.

The water is flipping cold (as on most other beaches in town) and swimming is only for the brave (and kids who don’t seem to feel the cold in their bones). Water temperature is around 14 degrees and only the brave manage to cool off their bodies during a swim.

If you want to, you can pack some snacks and drinks to have a nice picnic at the beach. But even if you forget all your refreshments, the local vendors roam around continuously to offer you “cool drinks, ice cream, and grenadilla lolly”. So make sure to keep some cash handy.

Clifton 1st

Clifton 1st is probably the quietest of all four beaches and also the hardest to reach. You have to climb quite a few stairs until you reach the white, sandy beach strip. At this beach, you can also walk your doggie off the leash and enjoy some fresh air, fabulous sunsets and good beach vibes. It’s great for sunbathing and body boarding too ,as the currents are not as strong here.

Clifton 2nd

The second beach is more populated by the younger generation and a lot of action is going on there. You find a lot of students working on their bikini tan, surfer dudes and sporty beachgoers who enjoy a good game of beach volleyball, frisbee or beach bats. If you enjoy those youthful vibes, Clifton 2nd is the beach to go to.

Clifton 3rd

Clifton 3rd is known to be the “gay beach” in Cape Town and a hot spot for young men and their partners in crime. However, the beach is open to everyone and the atmosphere is buzzing and trendy. It’s less crowded than Clifton 2nd and just as perfect for catching a tan as all the other beaches around. There are also often parties scheduled at this beach from Silent Disco Events to Fire Dancers and other shows at Clifton 3rd. This is also amazing to watch for the kids and our children are absolutely fascinated by the impressive fire shows!

Clifton 4th

This is the most popular and also the biggest beach in Clifton. It’s open to everyone and loved by people of all ages and families. Kiddies can build their sand castles, the youth can play beach games and swimmers and tanners will have a great time, too! Fourth beach also holds Blue Flag status, an international award given to beaches that are clean, safe, offer great amenities and implement environmentally conscious initiatives.

Our Experience

We and the kids enjoy Clifton 1st and 4th the most. The 1st beach is normally fairly empty and the water is relatively shallow, so the kids run in and out of the waves and even climb onto the rock in the water where they wait until the waves flow back into the water. You’ll get some amazing pictures as it seems (photographed from the right angle) as were they standing in the middle of the ocean.

The 4th beach is the largest and a great family spot. The kids bring along their sand toys or play at the shore. We often have a picnic there and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  • Opening Times: Always Open
  • Age Group: 0 – 99
  • Toilets: Yes, Clifton 4th
  • Kids Menu: n/a
  • Fun Factor: 5/5
  • Price Category: Free
  • Free WIFI: No

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