Maiden’s Cove 1 & 2 Tidal Pools / Clifton

The two tidal pools named Maiden’s Cove are situated between different beaches. While you find the first tidal pool between Glen Beach and Camps Bay Beach, the second one is nestled between Glen Beach and Clifton Beach 4th. So it’s your choice which one to explore first, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter because both of them are simply spectacular.

Like the famous Camps Bay Tidal Pool, Maiden’s Cove offers amazing ocean and mountain views and you can enjoy the sight of the Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head while you take a swim and cool off in the refreshing sea water pool.

Thanks to the stretch of beach and a grassy area, it’s also a perfect spot for family braais and picnics during the day or for a relaxed sun-downer get-together.

The water of Maiden’s Cove 1 is shallow and easy to access – even for the little ones. There is also a small jungle gym close by in the fenced braai area and they can rotate between swimming and playing.

Beware: there are quite a few shards lying around in the sand at Maiden’s Cove 1. So you must really watch out where to go and rather keep your shoes on.

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