Rugley Road Park / Gardens

The playground at Rugley Road Park is a neat little fenced playground in the heart of Gardens which offers quite a few attractions for the children. To be fair, we have to say that the equipment has aged over the years and is not in a brand-new condition. But for the kids it’s fun all the way and they’ll find plenty of things to do.

There are swings, a carousel, a jungle gym, climbing zones, a see-saw and best of all – a small bike track to go wild on those little scooters and bicycles. For the parents they installed a picnic table and benches in a well shaded area underneath a tree where you can munch some snacks away or even set up a small birthday party.

In case you have a dog that belongs to the family, you can definitely bring the furry friend along as well. There is a fenced dog park right next to the playground where the doggies can have their own fun, too!

There is also a basketball court next door. This is a little secret, because you’re officially not allowed on there. But when you look around carefully, you will spot a hole in the fence and you could basically sneak in there for a couple of rounds of basketball. But pppssssss. Don’t tell anyone.

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