Best Arts & Culture Activities in Cape Town for Kids

Top Arts & Crafts things to do in Cape Town with Kids

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso. Wise words spoken from a wise man. Enhance your children’s creativity by creating artwork, by experiencing different textures, touching different material, thinking out of the box and letting their imagination run wild. And you? Do exactly the same. Dive into the imagination of a child, let your thoughts run wild and create something unique that is only owned by yourself. There are quite a few places in Cape Town where you can do exactly that!

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Warrior Toy Museum Hero Characters

Warrior Toy Museum / Simon’s Town

Take a trip down memory lane at the Warrior Toy Museum. It boasts a huge collection of model cars, dinky toys, dolls, teddy bears and more!
Crafters Cafe Paint and Ceramics

The Crafters’ Café / Claremont

Explore your creativity! Family-friendly crafting, workshops, and delicious food await you at The Crafters Cafe in the heart of Claremont.
Flower Cafe Coffee Tables

Flower Café / Woodstock

Celebrate beautiful flowers at the Flower Cafe. Join them for workshops, Bouquet Subscriptions, & more! A unique experience for kids & adults