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If you and your family live in Cape Town and you’ve never been to the Wolfie Family Festival, you completely missed out on the biggest fun you could possibly have in that year. Once a year in February you can escape to the Wolfkop Camping Villages in Citrusdal and enjoy the most amazing family festival for young and old. The kids have fun and the parents do, too!

Wolfie Familie Festival have entertainment for the whole family including fun parks for all ages, pop-up theaters, live music, an animal garden, kiddies crafty activities for all ages, superheroes, star gazing shows, canoeing, bonfire stories and loads more mind boggeling activities.

The next Wolfie Family Festival is happening from 01 – 03 March 2024 and the bookings are already open! So if you want to grab a spot for your tent or book an already set-up dome tent including mattresses and bedding, head over to their website and grab your tickets as long as you can: https://wolfkopweekender.wontom.com/wolfie-family-festival-2024

The camping side along the Olifants River is big enough to house quite a few families and you can choose your preferred camping spot. Set up your home in the Golden Valley, Lost Valley or the Berry Fields.
Tipp: We love the Golden Valley the most! There you’ll find lots of trees that keep the tents cool during the hot days in February and you have the shortest walk over to the main area where all the fun is taking place.

What To Bring

Prep as if you are going on a normal camping weekend away. Depending on your booking preferences, you can either keep your own tent at home or need to bring it along if you choose the BYO Camping Option. Other than that you should pack the following things:

  • Head torches for the evening walks
  • Drinks for the hot days and water bottles
  • Yoga mat and towel if you want to take part in the morning yoga sessions for the entire family
  • Swimsuits, hats and sunblock
  • Camping chair or blankets to sit comfortably – there are fat sacks and benches at the venue, but if you’re a late arriver, they might be all taken
  • An extra blanket in case the nights are getting cooler than expected
  • Lilo’s and other floating devices for the river
  • Waterproof bags for the river
  • Keep your cell phone with you at all times in case your kids is looking for you. Your number will be on your child’s wrist band. 
  • There is electricity and charging points at the camp sites, but bring some battery packs along just in case.

Food & Drink

You should definitely bring along your own snacks and drinks to cover the basics on those three festival days and to make sure your toddler can nibble on some age appropriate snacks during the day. There are also braai facilities at the camp side and you can put on some lekker meat and other things on the fire if you’d like. So cooler boxes are always a good idea and you can bring anything you can think of. You can purchase ice at the bar (for the cooler boxes) as well as other basic refreshments. There is also a food truck at the venue selling delicious food from burgers, sandwiches, fries and other hot meals. Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be available at the bar.
Tipp: We always bring 10L of water (for the 4 of us) and snacks like crackers, muesli bars, fruit, toast and jam, bananas, dried fruit, muffins and nuts. This is a great basis for during the day and we usually buy the rest at the bar and the food truck.

Young Entrepreneurs

Every year the little ones have the opportunity to showcase and sell their products at the festival. This can include everything from toys, bubbles, candy, books, you name it! The “STARS OF THE FUTURE” garden will be open on both Friday & Saturday from 14:00 – 17:00 for trade and the kids will be given a table to set up their items. If you and your kids would like to take part in that exciting and fun activity, you must inform the organisers beforehand. You can email them at howl@wolfie.co.za to receive an application form.

What’s NOT Allowed

There are a few things that are prohibited during the weekend.

  • No dogs or other pets are allowed at the camp site. They do have a petting zoo.
  • NO open fires to be lit on the BYO. There is a dedicated braai area at our BOMA – next to bar and shows.
  • LIGHTS OUT at 23:00
  • NO sound systems/movies to be played at any of their camp sites.
  • NO firearms, fireworks, rockets and other explosives.
  • NO motorbikes.
  • NO day visitors are allowed.
  • NO glass allowed. Bring your own water bottles and aluminium cups

General Information and FAQ’s

  • There will be medics and life guards on site. Parents must still watch their little ones at all times and are responsible for their safety.
  • There will be no babysitters. It’s all about quality time together as a family.
  • There are communal kitchens with fridges at each camp site but we suggest to bring along your cooler box, as ice will be sold at the event. 
  • There are hot showers and toilets at the communal bathrooms.
  • Mobile home area will be in the Bring Your Own second camp site (LOST VALLEY). You may bring along your mobile home may it be a trailor, caravan or camper van. 
  • Your ticket includes your accommodation & entry to the 4 day festival and all shows and activities part of it

Our Experience

We cannot recommend this festival enough and if you get a chance to be there, book your ticket and enjoy an amazing weekend together with your family, friends and make new friends right there. Our kids absolutely love it and cannot wait to go back next year. There is so much entertainment going on throughout the day and evening, that it doesn’t get boring once and while the kids are playing along nicely, the parents can sit back, relax, chat to other families, float on the water, read books or get tanned in the lovely Citrusdal sun. We cannot describe in words how magical it is and you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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