Aquila Game Reserve

You’d love to go on a safari but don’t have time to go up to the famous Kruger National Park? Then get a taste of the real Africa in just under 2 hours away from Cape Town at the Aquila Game Reserve. They offer half day trips, full day trips and overnight safari experiences and it’s definitely a place for the entire family! By the way, the Cape Town safari trip has been rated by Sawubona magazine as one of the Top 10 best day-trip destinations and you should pay them a visit if you can!

Half Day Safari

You’ll get a choice of three different safari time slots when you go for the half day safari option. You can either book an early morning drive, an afternoon drive or the sunset safari.

1. For The Early Morning Safari you’ll need to arrive at the Aquila Park around 6:30 in the morning where you will be greeted by a warm welcome drink (tea, coffee, rusk) and meet the other people of the group as well as your experienced guide for the day. He will share inside-stories and facts about your surroundings and hopefully spot the Big 5 Animals during the 2 – 3 hour game drive. You will receive a pre-packed continental breakfast or a sit down breakfast. After the Game Drive around 10:30 you can enjoy some leisure time at the Game Reserve until you leave the Aquila Park around 11:45. Please note that if you book a safari directly on their website, no transport to and from the location will be provided and must be arranged by yourself.
Cost: R1,345 per person

2. The Afternoon Safari starts around 12:00 when you have to arrive at the Game Reserve and will also be greeted by a welcome drink which is followed by a buffet lunch. The 2 -3 hour safari trip will start around 13:15. Once again, you will be able to use the facility at your own discretion after the game drive and before you leave the Aquila Park around 16:30. Don’t forget to bring along a swimsuit, sunscreen and some warm clothes!
Cost: R1,550 per person

3. For the Sunset Safari, you’ll have to arrive at Aquila Park at 15:00 to enjoy the welcome drink along with some snacks before you depart for the Game Drive. The Safari starts around 16:00 and also lasts about 2 – 3 hours. You leave the park at 19:00.
Cost: R995 per person

Book your Half Day Safari with our experienced travel partner GetYourGuide and enjoy a fabulous day out in the field with a chance to spot the Big 5!

Full Day Safari

The full day safari gives you an entire day at the Aquila Game Reserve with lots of time to relax and enjoy the facilities. The day tour starts at the Game Park at 09:00 and you’ll have the usual welcome drink followed by a buffet style breakfast. After that, your 2 – 3 hour game drive is about to start. Around 12:45 you can enjoy lunch at the buffet and plenty of leisure time afterwards. Take a dip in the pool, read a book, or even plan another tour during your stay. Make the most of your time at the park before you head back to Cape Town at 16:30.
Cost: R1,990 per person (excluding transport)

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Fly-In Safaris

If you want to make a special entrance to the Park, you absolutely can. They do offer fly-in safaris on request for the day or even overnight safaris. They require a minimum of two guests who have a choice between a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft. As a fly-in guest you’ll be able to enjoy a 45-60 minute flight over the Hex River Mountains and vineyards to Aquila. You get to experience the standard Full Day Trip Itinerary before you will be flown back to Cape Town at the end of the day.

Please note that all flights are weather dependant and may be changed to road options should flights be cancelled.

You can find all information about the fly-in options here: FLY IN SAFARI

Overnight Safaris

If one day simply isn’t enough and you want to experience the taste of Africa for a bit longer, the Aquila Game Reserve offers a variety of 2 & 3-night packages which are suitable for the entire family. You could either book a family lodge room or a family cottage. Of course, they have other room options available, too, and it’s up to you to make your preferred booking! The big advantage of an overnight safari is the additional access to the spa facilities and extra game drives that are included in the package.

When you book a 2-night package, you will be able to substitute one game drive with a complimentary horseback safari. A 3-night stay may substitute the game drive with a complimentary horseback or quad bike safari.

Find out exactly what is included in your overnight package here: OVERNIGHT SAFARI

Quadbike / Horseback / Combo Safari

If you want to have a very special game drive experience, you can pick one of the special Full Day Tours at Aquila Game Reserve. You’ll have a choice of seeing animals on either a Quadbike, on the back of a horse or you choose a combined tour. The itnierary for those tours is almost the same as for the Full Day Safari. You start out with drinks and breakfast, start your game drive, come back for lunch and enjoy leisure time at the reserve. The only difference is the way you go about the game drive.

The Quadbike experience is a firm favourite and involves roughing it up within the 10,000 hectare wildlife conservancy of Aquila. Be prepared to drive through the park for 1 – 2 hours on four wheels and hopefully spotting some of those precious animals along the way. Of course, you won’t be on your own and an experience guide will be leading the tour. The minimum age for the quadbike tour is 16 years and you shouldn’t weigh more than 90kg.
Cost: R2,810 per person

An Aquila Game Reserve safari day trip on horseback is a fantastic and adventurous option to experiencing the natural wonders of Africa in the Karoo veld. No experience is necessary for the horseback adventure. You simply hop onto the back of your new friend on four legs and enjoy the beautiful nature for the next 1 – 2 hours. What a unique and unforgettable experience! Again, the tour itinerary is the same as for the Traditional Full Day Safari. The minimum age is also 16 years with a maximum weight of 95kg.
Cost: R2,440 per person

If you cannot decide what to do, you can simply book a Combo Tour and get to experience it all! Well, you still need to make a choice between the quad bike and the horseback, but at least you can enjoy one of those activities along the traditional game drive. So to sum it up: The Full Day Safari combines the 2 to 3 hour morning Big 5 traditional game drive and either a 1.5 hour afternoon horseback or  quad bike outride together.
Cost: R3,420 per person


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