Saunders’ Rock Tidal Pool / Sea Point

This rather small tidal pool (217 square metres) in the last corner of the Cul de Sac of the Sea Point Promenade is just as spectacular as its taller brothers.

A long strip of white, sandy beach is leading towards the hexagonal structure and is just perfect for sunbathing and some fun with the kiddies sand toys before you dip into the cool water of the tidal pool. As it’s too dangerous to jump into the ocean water at this spot, the tidal pool is a welcomed alternative.

The atmosphere is buzzing with young and old sitting on the rocks, munching away their picnic snacks or enjoying a cool drink while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Thanks to the large granite rocks hovering around the tidal pool, it’s also pretty much safe from the wind and you can even enjoy a day or evening out when the wind is blowing a bit stronger than normal.

The kids will find smaller paddle pools (natural rock pools) around the rocky surface and can splash away some of that extra energy.

Parking is pretty easy, too! There are a lot of free parking spaces available right in front of the beach so that you don’t have to walk fast to arrive at your final destination for the day! It’s more busy on weekends, but almost empty during the week. So make sure to stop by after work and bring along the family for some good vibes!

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